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Limitation Periods and Fraudulent Concealment

Missing a limitation period can be highly detrimental to any case. But, what happens when the party simply does not know he or she has a claim, as a result of the conduct of another? This issue, among others, was addressed in the recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision, Beaudoin…

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COVID-19 update: Court must not cross the line to clear up hypothetical limitation period confusion

The government suspended limitation periods between March and September due to COVID-19. The government believed that it had properly done so. Nevertheless, the government asked the court to confirm it had properly done so due to amorphous concerns that had been raised. Justice Myers dismissed this application as it would…

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COVID-19 update: Government Works to Fix Potential Limitation Period Problem

In order to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government suspended limitation periods and other statutory deadlines between March and September. However, due to concerns about the manner in which the suspension was lifted, the government is currently seeking a declaration that the limitation period was, in fact, validly suspended…

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Fraudulently Concealing a Limitation Period

Lawyers are keenly aware of limitation periods. If a lawyer fails to commence a claim on behalf of a client within the limitation period, they will likely face a professional negligence suit (not good). Whether lawyers like them or not, limitation periods play an important role in the civil justice…

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