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Christopher Cook is a lawyer at de VRIES LITIGATION LLP, specializing in estate, trust, capacity, and guardianship disputes. More of Christopher's blogs can be found at

Record Keeping as an Attorney for Property

In Ventura v Ventura, 2022 ONSC 6351 (“Ventura”), the Court dealt with a number of issues relating to the duties and obligations of attorneys for property. In Ventura, “A”, “L”, and “E” were appointed as joint attorneys for property and personal care of their mother, “M”. In 2012, M was…

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Automatic Vesting (Lazy Executors Hate This One Simple Trick!)

An estate trustee is responsible for distributing the property of the deceased to those who are beneficially entitled to it (either in accordance with the terms of the relevant testamentary instrument or, where there is no such instrument, in accordance with the rules set out in the relevant legislation). What…

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Bringing a Tort Claim as an Estate Representative

Typically, estate litigation involves guardianship disputes and fights over a deceased person’s property.  In rare instances, however, estate litigation crosses over into the unfamiliar domain of personal injury law.  A recent example of this crossover can be found in the case of Campeau-Proulx v Bancroft. The facts in Campeau-Proulx v…

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