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Jennifer Campbell is a Law Clerk in the firm’s Toronto Private Client Services Group and Trusts, Wills, Estates and Charities Group. Jennifer has extensive experience assisting executors and trustees in managing complex, high-value estates and trusts. Jennifer specializes in the administration of estates and trusts. Assisting in all aspects of estates work, Jennifer’s primary responsibilities include providing support to the lawyers in the practice group, the day-to-day administration and management of estates and trusts, including gathering in assets, winding up of estates and trusts and distributing assets to beneficiaries. Jennifer is responsible for the preparation of all probate related documentation, preparation of estate and trust accounts, the preparation of court documentation in connection with passing of accounts and has experience in assisting individuals establish bare trust arrangements in connection with their estate planning solutions. Jennifer has received a Certificate in Estates and Trust Administration from STEP Canada.

The Procrastinating Client and the Impact on Estates

Procrastinator – a person who habitually puts off doing things.  Intestate – dying before making a will. These two words in an estate context can make the administration of an estate a nightmare. No one likes to think about death and planning for their death.  However, death is inevitable and,…

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Farewell Your Majesty

Whether you are a Royal watcher or not, today we are in mourning.  Today, with the rest of Canada, the United Kingdom and the world, we mourn the loss of the longest-reigning British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. On Thursday September 8, 2022, the Queen passed away at the age of…

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Returning to Work – How Hard Could This Be?

I recently returned to Fasken after taking time off to raise my son.  When I started my leave in September, I was just shy of 16 years working at Fasken without any type of long term break.  To shift gears from going full steam to a much slower pace with…

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How Does Private Adoption Work?

In my blog post of June 11, 2021, I wrote about Estate Planning and Adoption. I had many positive responses to that post from the estates community, so I thought I would write in more detail about the process. In Ontario, potential adopters can take three paths towards adoption: private…

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Estate Planning and Adoption

As the date for writing this blog was approaching, I struggled to find an interesting topic to write about. I like to write about what I know or practical tips so I had to go back to the drawing board when I was drawing a blank. Today’s blog is a…

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Thoughts on Digitally-Issued Certificates of Appointment of Estate Trustee

In the blog posted by Maureen Berry on October 9, 2020, my fellow clerks and I wrote about the welcome changes that were introduced that would allow for applications for certificates of appointment of estate trustee (the “Probate Application”) to be filed electronically.  It has now been six months since…

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You’ve Got Mail – Part Three

In my final blog post of my three part series [link to Part one and Part two], I’ll look at what to consider when a parent or guardian is notified that their minor child has an interest in an estate. Such interest, as discussed in my other blogs, may be…

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You’ve Got Mail – Part Two

In a follow up to my blog post of September 18, 2020 (“Part One”), this blog will consider what it means if you have received notice that you are a residuary beneficiary of an estate. You are probably wondering what a residuary beneficiary is.  To understand this, you must understand…

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You’ve Got Mail – Part One

Learning that a loved one or friend who has passed away has left a gift for you in their Will, can be expected or in some cases, it can come as a surprise.  You may be entitled to either (i) a legacy which can be in the form of a…

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