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Month: September 2010

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Do I need more than one executor?

Have you wondered whether or not one executor can manage your estate? Here are a few itmes to consider.

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“Respect Your Elders”

“Respect Your Elders” was a phrase that I heard growing up and one I suspect many of you did as well. How can we make sure we are respecting their wishes?

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Myths about Trusts

Trust Myths Debunked…

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To Undue, or Not too Undue? What Does Undue Influence Look Like?

Absent threats and promises, can “working on” an elderly testator over a period of time constitute undue influence? A recent decision of the B.C. Court of Appeal upheld a trial judge’s decision finding that this kind of persuasion was enough to consitute undue influence.

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Tax me once, that will suffice; tax me twice, now that’s not nice.

While a person will only die once, those owning shares of a private company may, without proper planning, suffer the indignity of being taxed twice on the economic gain in respect of these shares.

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Will The Elderly Bankrupt Canada?

Duty, responsibility and obligation are three words often associated with the term caregiver. However, more often than not, burnout, financial stress and leave of absence help portray a more realistic perception of what is associated with being a caregiver.

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