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Month: September 2010

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Informing Charities About Bequests

Only 1 out of 10 donors inform the charities they have named in their will about the pending bequest.  Why are donors so reticent to tell charitable beneficiaries about their estate plans?  This reluctance often gets in the way of prudent planning and a satisfying philanthropic experience. Clients have many…

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Cowboy Will Writers in the U.K.: Save Now and Pay Later?

Cowboy will writers spark regulation of the will writing market in the U.K. Often the attempt by the testator to save money by not seeking professional estate planning advice, results in expensive estate litigation later on.

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Insurance Arrangements in your Estate Plan

Consider the role of insurance in meeting your overall estate plan objective.

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A Nice Gift to Give to your Spouse… a Loan

The Canada Revenue Agency has announced the 2010 third quarter prescribed interest rate used to calculate taxable benefits for employees and shareholders for interest-free and low interest loans would be 1%. With this the lowest historical prescribed rate ever, it is an opportune time for taxpayers to reduce the tax bite through an income-splitting structure using loans.

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Balancing Work and Care – the Sandwich Generation

Work demands, caregiving to children and parents and time for yourself, how can you balance it all?

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Integrated Estate Planning

“The collection of preparation tasks that serve to manage an individual’s asset base in the event of their incapacity or death” –; “The process of preparing one’s assets for one’s death”-; Whatever definition you prefer…

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Welcome to All About Estates and our inaugural blog!!

Welcome to All About Estates and our inaugural blogg!! It is a diverse group of professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. All About Estates aims to provide you with a smorgasbord of ideas, trends, comments, and tidbits on interesting and diverse topics. Each weekday a different blogger from a different organization will write an entry.

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