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Housing Options for Seniors in Canada

What Are the Housing Options for Seniors? As each decade passes, one of our challenging and essential questions is – what are the housing options for seniors? Since the COVID pandemic, polling has shown that older Canadians have overwhelmingly indicated they wish to stay in their homes until the end…

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Implementing Powers of Attorney for Personal Care: Game Changers for Managing Care

Medicine can do many things but at the end of life what matters most is not necessarily treatment but making peace with yourself on your terms. Atul Gawande, Being Mortal. Advanced care planning is an evolving process where individuals outline their wishes regarding their care and medical decision-making based on…

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Game Changers in Managing Care: Powers of Attorney for Personal Care (POAPC) & Substitute Decision Making

It’s Super Bowl Sunday as I write this, and in the lead-up to the game, football fans are debating what game changers may be possible to gain an advantage and win. Why not apply the same breakthrough analogy to address critical issues in managing care? What game changers can we…

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The Caregiver Crisis in Canada and How to Navigate It

The Caregiver Crisis in Canada Have you attended a social event lately with people aged 40 to 60? Often described as the ‘sandwich generation,’ they try to care for older family or friends while working full-time, coping with busy family lives, and raising children. No doubt the conversation will turn…

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Ushering in the Year of the Rabbit: Symbol of Longevity

Why is it important to determine a primary diagnosis and prognosis before assessing needs? Let’s get back to basics. If the dispute relates to the care of an elderly person, it is important to determine the person’s clinical baseline based on standardized assessments.

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