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Month: July 2024

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Real Estate in Estate Planning: Tax Consequences

Today’s blog was written by Jessica Butler, Law Clerk at Fasken LLP. Many Canadians hold a large share of their wealth in personally-owned real estate and consider it to be a critical part of their wealth-building strategy. Donald Sutherland, the well known Canadian actor who passed away in June of…

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Dependant and non-dependant beneficiaries

One kind of claim that estate litigators often bring against an estate is a claim for dependant’s support. These claims are made pursuant to Part V of the Succession Law Reform Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. S.26 (the “SLRA”), and are commenced by way of application. The core of such a…

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Removing and Replacing An Incapable Estate Trustee

Andrew Coates, Associate, Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP Betty Laidlaw contributed an informative two-part series in 2023 regarding “What Happens If Something Happens to Your Executor?” In the second part, Betty explained the process for the alternate executor named in a Will making an application for a Certificate of Appointment of…

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Smart Ageing: Lessons from the Business World

Ageing is a hot topic in the news this summer as the US presidential campaign ramps up. Our family was in town for the Fourth of July holiday, and invariably, the conversation turned to aging, working, and when to retire. With people living longer and in good health, many people…

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Planning for Cottage Season

Today’s blog was written by Courtney Lanthier, Law Clerk at Fasken LLP With the summer months now here, we enter into another cottage season – a time for family and friends to gather, make new memories and relax and unwind. For many, cottages hold significant sentimental value. They are a…

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Resulting Trusts Strike Again!

The recent case of Zapata v Zapata, 2024 ONSC 3677 (CanLII) provides a useful refresher on the doctrine of resulting trust. In Zapata, the applicant sought a declaration that she was entitled to the proceeds of sale of a house in Toronto. The house was previously owned by the applicant…

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The Buy-Sell Agreement At Death

Estate and corporate advisors often suggest to shareholders to enter into a shareholders’ agreement. The shareholders’ agreement is essentially a contract where the shareholders plan in advance for certain contingencies or future events for which they are in agreement as to the outcome. Essentially, the shareholders’ agreement governs the shareholders’…

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