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Month: July 2011

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Sisters Need to Do It For Themselves

For today’s blog, I have asked a colleague of mine, Heela Donsky, to write about estate planning for women:

News sources across north America are replete with headlines describing men’s decreasing mortality rates. The fact is that statistically, women continue to outlive men. In the context of estate planning, what does this mean for the surviving widow?

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The Challenge of Hiring Private Caregivers

Understanding the skill set requirement is an important step in hiring the right care provider. This article discusses the different type of providers available. Personality and cultural sensitivity are key ingredients in making the match a good one.

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Lord Denning – A Giant among Judges with more than 2000 Cases Reported

Lord Denning has been called the most celebrated judge of the 20th century.

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What happens to CPP and OAS benefits after death?

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Let The Sunshine Show

Do we need to include terms such as ‘ caring, kind, pleasant and considerate’ to the skill requirement of caregivers? The National Occupation Classification (NOC) code 6471 (Personal Care Attendant) identifies these employment requirements as :’Some secondary school education is usually required. Child-care or home management experience may be required.Visiting homemakers may require college or other courses in home support.
First aid certification may be required.’ Is there something else missing?

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Canadian Donor’s Guide

It is always fascinating to watch evolution in progress. I grew up with the Canadian Donor’s Guide. For the last 26 years this publication has been Canada’s preeminent annual guide to charitable giving. It started out as a bound listing of charities distributed to the legal community, but with the electronic age it has changed to remain relevant.

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Court of Appeal delivers pyrrhic victory on costs to appellant in Smith Estate; otherwise dismisses appeal

Last week, the Court of Appeal delivered its judgment in Smith v. Rotstein. The decision appealed from was a summary judgment under old Rule 20 dismissing Ms. Rotstein’s will challenge.

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