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Month: December 2010

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Old Age-New Age Wish List

As we count down to 2011, I have put together a list of my favorite elder care reflections of 2010 and a wish list for things to improve upon in the coming year.

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Are the Rules of Civil Procedure at times to rigidly applied?

When the Rules of Civil Procedure require two affidavits why can’t the applicant for a certificate of appointment of estate trustee with a will submit one with all of the required information?

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An unexpected gift: a Honus Wagner Baseball Card

A Baltimore based religious order, the School Sisters of Notre Dame (“Sisters”) received an early Christmas gift last week. The Sisters auctioned off a rare T206 Honus Wagner card earlier this year for $220,000.

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Payment of Tax

In many cases, the deemed disposition rules cause significant tax liabilities in the year of death. In this case, some relief is available in the sense that income taxes owing for the year of death may be paid in annual instalments (not exceeding ten) with non deductible interest charged at the prescribed rate from the day taxes should have been paid.

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Reviewing and Reconsidering your Estate Plan – When and Why?

As this is the last blog before we take a break for the holiday (we return on Monday), and as the year is drawing to a close, I thought that I would touch base on the life circumstances that should lead to a review and reconsideration of your current estate plan.

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Aging Parent and Holiday Season (in)Sanity

t is getting to be that time again and holidays are around the corner. Do your parents live in another city than you? For many the holiday period is a time when families are spending extended periods of togetherness, which can be both wonderful and challenging. If this is the case, this provides a wonderful opportunity to see how they are managing.

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Is giving 50 percent enough for the very wealthy?

Regardless of your level of wealth, asset-based philanthropy should be conducted free of public pressure.

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What Do Dependants’ Support, Gratuitous Promises and Kiwis Have in Common?

New Zealand may be thanked for our dependants’ support legislation, says Professor David Freedman. What kind of support claims will bedevil our courts in the future?

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