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National Tax Director for Baker Tilly Canada. John has extensive experience with Canadian corporate and personal income taxes with specialization in the areas of corporate reorganizations, estate planning, succession planning and tax compliance. He also has significant experience dealing with GST/HST issues and U.S. citizen cross-border tax reporting issues.

Death, taxes and cryptocurrency

Everyone knows that you can’t avoid the tax collector, and death is no exception.  Under the Canadian Income Tax Act, on the death of an individual subsection 70(5) will trigger a deemed disposition of all the deceased taxpayer’s capital property at fair market value thus taxing any accrued capital gains…

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Taxable preferred shares and estates – say what?

The tax reform of 1987 introduced the term “taxable preferred shares”[1] to curtail the tax advantage for non-taxpaying corporations using preferred share financing over debt financing. The result of this reform subjected the non-taxpaying corporation to a (current) 25 per cent tax on dividends that were paid on taxable preferred…

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Bequeathing qualifying shares: to trust or not to trust

Use of spousal trust or common-law partner trusts Setting up a spousal or common-law partner trust is a very important decision that generally results from non-tax reasons. One of the common reasons for setting up this type of trust is to protect the surviving spouse from influencers who might try…

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U.S. Estate tax exposure – it’s political!

The 2020 U.S. election is over and the votes have been tabulated, and in some counties the votes have even been tabulated more than once.   Unless there is some Republican wild card waiting to be plucked out of the proverbial magic hat, then Joe Biden will be inaugurated president of…

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A change in trustee could be a tax problem

The acquisition of control (AOC) rules in the Income Tax Act (ITA) are designed to prevent non-related persons or group of persons from trading in corporations that have unutilized losses for income tax purposes by restricting the corporation’s ability to deduct unutilized losses when control of the corporation has been…

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Estate planning and TOSI – Part II

In my previous blog, Estate planning and TOSI Part I, I introduced the concept of the tax on split income (TOSI) continuity rules which are extremely important when estate planning.  The objective of the continuity rules is to afford the beneficiary, who would not have an excluded amount of their…

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Estate planning and TOSI – Part I

Finance stated that the purpose of the revised tax on split income (TOSI) regime, which became effective January 1, 2018 was “to limit the ability of owners of private corporations to lower their personal income taxes by sprinkling their income to family members who do not really contribute to the business.”[1] The objectives related…

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