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Capacity to Consent to MAiD: A Suggestion For Amendment

I have found it uncommon for a family member or beneficiary to exert undue influence to pressure a patient to pursue MAiD. What worries me is the vulnerability of patients to undue influence from physicians who may embrace therapeutic nihilism and bias patients unduly towards MAiD. I suggest that, for capacity to consent to MAiD, the test of “ability to appreciate” should be expanded to require an appreciation of the views and wishes of supportive family members and friends.

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Changes to Consent to Medical Assistance in Dying

Changes to MAiD laws will allow some patients whose deaths are foreseeable to provide advance directives regarding medical assistance in dying.

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MAID Update – Bill C-7

The senate has passed Bill C-7, which introduces changes to Canada’s Criminal Code provisions regulating MAID. The changes will create a new, two-track system for applying for MAID.

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Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) – An Update

Today marks a court-imposed deadline regarding legislative amendments to our laws on medical assistance in dying (“MAiD”). This topic, although heavy, has been important to me, particularly over the past year. As recently as the US election, someone close to me was scheduled for MAiD. As her date was approaching,…

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Third Party Appeals of Healthcare Decisions

As reported in the media[i] [ii] [iii], Nova Scotia’s appeals court recently heard a case involving a woman who is trying to stop her husband from receiving medical assistance in dying (MAiD). The woman is appealing a lower court decision that rejected her request for an interlocutory injunction against her…

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New Guidelines on Provision of CPR in Hospitals

The case of Wawrzyniak v. Livingstone, 2019 ONSC 4900 (CanLII) is a landmark decision that readers may find interesting. It clarifies physicians’ obligations with respect to the writing of no-CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) orders and the provision of CPR in Ontario hospitals. The decision has led to the College of Physicians…

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A New Way to Plan for Death

Today’s blog is being brought to you by guest blogger, Jennifer Campbell, a law clerk in the Private Client Services group of Fasken LLP. I recently came across an article talking about death doulas. Yes, you read right, death doulas. While I’ve heard of doulas helping pregnant women come up…

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Dementia and MAID

Medically assistance in dying (MAID= Bill C14) for eligible Canadians was passed by federal legislation in June 2016.  To recap, eligibility includes: Being 18 years and older and mentally competent Having a grievous and irremediable medical condition Making a voluntary request for MAID that is not the result of outside…

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Some Concerns about Proposing MAiD via Advanced Directives

Audrey Parker, a terminally ill woman living in Nova Scotia, ended her life with medical assistance earlier this month after issuing a final deathbed plea asking lawmakers to loosen some of the restrictions embedded in Canada’s assisted dying law.[i] Parker stressed that the law had to be changed because anyone…

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