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The Application for the Disability Tax Credit to be Reviewed: Hallelujah!

As most of you know, the Disability Tax Credit is a credit to income tax otherwise payable, available for those with a severe or prolonged impairment. It is meant to provide some relief from the additional costs and expenses incurred associated with the impairment. It is also referred to by…

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Estate and Trusts with Foreign Properties and/or Transactions: Update on Reporting Implications

Sometime ago, I wrote that the Income Tax Act requires persons and partnerships to file information returns in respect of foreign property ownership (specified foreign property in excess $100,000) and transactions with non-residents . This extends to trusts and estates. Those who file such a return late or do not…

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Estate Planning – A Lesson in Communication

So I was meeting with the beneficiaries of an estate to finalize some of the tax filings to be made. The tax filings reflected a series of transactions completed to eliminate double taxation on the disposition of some of the estate’s assets. What was causing the possibility of double taxation…

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Contributor/settlor Taxable Income and T3 Reporting Requirements

As most trust and tax practitioners know, The Income Tax Act (“ITA”) will attribute trust income, losses, capital gains and capital losses to the contributor / settlor if certain conditions are met. The 2016 T3 Guide states the following: Certain related amounts, including taxable capital gains and allowable capital losses…

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Individual Pension Plans Revisited

A fellow blogger wrote very eloquently late last week about succession planning for family owned businesses. Regrettably, as she noted the statistics for the successful transfer of family businesses are not very good. With the introduction of the new tax proposals, the challenge for a successful transfer of business to…

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Control in the Valuation of Business Interests for Estate Planning

From time to time, I am asked to prepare, review or comment on structures for estate planning purposes with a mind to valuation issues. A common valuation issue is control and whether or not the value of the business interest(s) in the estate plan should be discounted for lack of…

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Will Planning for Beneficiaries

In what might be one of the last pipeline transactions my office will advise on (depending on the outcome of the Government of Canada tax proposals), I ran into an unfortunate situation which served to highlight a fundamental aspect of estate planning: Planning for your beneficiaries. Recently, I reached out…

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GIFTS – Some Additional Thougths

Recently, I wrote about the gifting of cash or assets during one’s lifetime as an alternative method of distributing your wealth (beyond what you need to live on comfortably) and possibly avoid taxes (probate, income etc.) at time of death. I suggested that your heirs could use the funds in…

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Valuators – 2018 Might be a Very Good Year

I mentioned in my last blog that the government is proposing measures to limit the application of the lifetime capital gains exemption (“LCGE”) to owners of eligible small business corporations, based on age and “reasonableness”. Subject to certain exceptions, the proposals ensure that property held by a trust will no…

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For Whom the Bells Toll: It Tolls for Family Trusts?

As we continue to absorb the draft legislation (together with explanatory notes and consultation paper) introduced by the Department of Finance to overhaul the system of taxation for private companies, some things have are becoming clear. If essentially enacted as currently drafted, the legislation will likely spell the end of…

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