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Estate Planning and Family Law: The Matrimonial Home Part II

In a prior blog, I began a discussion of the use of marriage contracts as part of an integrated estate plan to preserve and protect family wealth. In particular, that blog began a discussion of the legal regime that governs a “matrimonial home” under the Ontario Family Law Act (“FLA”),…

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The Intersection between Family Law and Estates Law

The Family Law Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. F.3 provides that when a spouse dies and the surviving spouse’s net family property[1] is less than the net family property of the deceased spouse, the surviving spouse may elect to take one-half of the difference between the net family property of the…

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Interrelation of Family Law and Estate Planning

With many couples, one or both spouses have had previous marriages or common law relationships. For many reasons, these couples’ estate planning instructions are not usually the traditional “all to my spouse with a gift over to my issue”, and clients should understand how their estat planning decisions may be impacted by family law.

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