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Living For Today

Living for Today. I previously blogged about ‘buying the shoes’ which highlighted that life is short and we need to live each day to the fullest. COVID made that difficult; being restricted to your own home and restricted as to who you could see and what could you do.  This…

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Estate Planning and Adoption

As the date for writing this blog was approaching, I struggled to find an interesting topic to write about. I like to write about what I know or practical tips so I had to go back to the drawing board when I was drawing a blank. Today’s blog is a…

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Multiple Wills – More than just business owners

This blog was written by Justin Ecclestone, Estate and Trust Consultant with Scotia Wealth Management The Multiple Wills strategy in Ontario often comes to mind when providing estate planning advice to successful business owners with private company shares. When speaking with business owners the benefit of the strategy is quite…

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Some Ins and Outs of RRSPs & RRIFs Transfers on Death

Generally the RRSP or RRIF of a deceased can be transferred by specific bequest under the terms of the deceased’s will to a qualifying survivor tax-free. A qualifying survivor would be the deceased annuitant spouse or common-law partner or a financially dependent child or grandchild. When payments from a deceased…

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June is Senior’s Month

A few weeks ago I provided a summary  of the Federal Budget and what is offers to seniors.  Well, I received over 30 comments and the blog readers all said the same thing- Mr. Trudeau has ignored those of us between the ages of 65-75. I don’t have any additional information…

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Today’s Executor is a Digital Executor

Today’s Executor is a Digital Executor The estates and trusts world has taken notice of the importance of digital assets—there is no question about that. Now that we know that an individual’s digital assets are something that advisors and clients alike need to consider for every estate planning matter, the…

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Hot real estate market can put heat on Executors

This Blog was written by Suzanna Walter, Estate and Trust Consultant with Scotia Wealth Management There have been many articles written about the dramatic increase in real estate values in Canada. This real estate boom has implications for executors’ administering estates. Maureen Berry in  her article Non-Resident Beneficiaries and Canadian…

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Bill 245: Innovative Updates to the Succession Law Reform Act

Dear readers, As you might recall, last April (of 2020) was the height of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ontario. As part of our government’s efforts to keep Ontarians safe while still allowing access to justice, an emergency order was brought at that time to allow virtual…

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Business purpose, source of income, and sham gets a thorough review

In a recent court case (Paletta Estate v. The Queen) the estate successfully appealed that it was entitled to $55 million in losses in the 2000 to 2006 taxation years generated through forward foreign exchange trading. The estate purchased straddled forward foreign exchange contracts – one long and one short….

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