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Living For Today

Living for Today.

I previously blogged about ‘buying the shoes’ which highlighted that life is short and we need to live each day to the fullest.

COVID made that difficult; being restricted to your own home and restricted as to who you could see and what could you do.  This past weekend in Toronto, as things are slowly opening up, it was a great pleasure to see people out and about and going about their business.  Being able to sit with friends on a patio has taken on a whole new meaning. I can’t even imagine what eating in a restaurant will be like or going to a movie theatre.

What I want to stress in today’s blog is the importance of following up with your doctor.  Many of my clients told me that they had not seen their doctor and even worse, specialists’ appointments and elective surgeries were cancelled.  Don’t wait.  Let me be the nagging voice that says, ‘call your doctor today and check out your concerns’.  Many of us may be feeling frailer, depressed, and generally ‘not well’; I have learnt the hard way that  symptoms don’t necessarily go away on their own accord.  Getting a diagnosis is never easy but at least now my friend has a fighting chance.

Similarly if there is something you want to do, don’t wait  (ok maybe we have to wait until the borders are open), but truly, life is short.   Buy the shoes…..



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