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June is Senior’s Month

A few weeks ago I provided a summary  of the Federal Budget and what is offers to seniors.  Well, I received over 30 comments and the blog readers all said the same thing- Mr. Trudeau has ignored those of us between the ages of 65-75.

I don’t have any additional information as to rationale or logic and if anyone does, please share.

There may be discounts for those aged 55 plus ( pharmacies, some fast food restaurants), but for most, benefits start at age 65.  In terms of the federal benefits, please visit their website.

Provincially there are other different tax credits and benefits for those aged 65 plus.

June is Seniors Month in Ontario. This year’s theme is “Stay safe, active and connected.”  The Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility provides the following information:

“It’s a time when we recognize our amazing older adults and the contributions they‘ve made in communities across Ontario.

We’re focusing on programs and services that enable seniors to remain safe, healthy, engaged and live life to the fullest during the COVID-19covid 19 outbreak and beyond:

We encourage communities across Ontario to keep older adults informed and find safe and innovative ways to celebrate their positive impact on our lives.”

Whether you are 55, 65 or 75, it is great to be able to recognize one’s own accomplishments and those of others. For many seniors living through Covid, this has been an accomplishment in and of itself.

Other ways on ‘staying safe, active and connected’ are available at



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