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Month: May 2011

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Zero Compensation Awarded to Estate Trustee in Watson Estate

How much compensation should be awarded to an estate trustee who has breached her duty of honesty and utmost good faith, was prepared to simply cut a cheque to pay out a claim against the estate without any investigation into its merits, and was prepared to use the threat of destroying the testator’s beloved pets as a means to try to extract benefits for her friends and herself?

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Home Buyer’s and Lifelong Learning Plans

Many have taken advantage of the ability to withdraw funds from a retirement savings plan under either the Home Buyer’s Plan (HBP) or Lifelong Learning Plans. Without careful planning, unpaid obligations under either of these plans may have tax implications on death.

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Hiring Care Assistance At Home

When it comes to caregiving assistance for aging parents, there are many questions that usually follow. What assistance is needed? Will it be few hours per day, a few hours per week, or is it full time 24 hour assistance that we need? For families wanting to proceed on their own, there are a number of considerations.

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Estates do not have Lawyers

When a solicitor is advising on estate administration, who does the solicitor and client privilege belong to?

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Whew, I thought I missed the filing deadline!

From time to time there will be delays that could lead to missed deadlines resulting in tax penalties and arrears interest. All is not lost, however, where the deceased leaves a testamentary trust which would otherwise qualify as a spouse trust.

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Will Planning – no simple task… Part 3

As we move along with the topic “Will planning – no simple task”, another circumstance that may require you to give special attention is ownership of a family cottage.

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The Emotional Cost of Caregiving

Caregiving: While many embark on this journey unwillingly, some do seek it out. For many, the role is rewarding and fulfilling. For others, the challenge of assuming yet another responsibility becomes overwhelming. Caregiver burnout is the greatest risk factor.

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