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Suicide and Seniors

In last week’s blog, my colleague Dr. Shulman highlighted the ten ‘D’s of Geriatric Psychiatry . The ‘D’ that I would like to comment on today is depression which is closely linked to his last ‘D’ which is death. I have blogged over the years that contrary to popular belief,…

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Bittersweet Holidays

In another few days we will say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. This time of year for me, is a time of reflection. Most jarringly- is wondering where did the time go? While I try to be in the present, I am not always successful. What seems to…

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Living Fully Before Dying

No one wants to have regrets. Dying patients shared their regrets in a blog post by a palliative care nurse. For me, these ‘regrets’ translates into food for thought and an action plan. Maybe it will for you too.

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Preparing for all of life’s transitions with equal fervour

We prepare for marriage, child birth however many of us seem to have difficulty planning for older age. Let’s hope we all get there!

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“‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” -Alfred Lord Tennyson

My blogging colleagues have described many estate and trust issues resulting from subsequent marriages. However today’s blog acknowledges that older individuals can enjoy another meaningful, satisfying and loving relationship after the death of a significant other.

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A Caregiver’s Grief

Personal Support Workers can be feel more like family to the older person than their own children. Especially felt in the later years of life, their bond can be very strong. I wonder how often they are remembered in the Will?

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Prayer and Hope for Another Year

“How many shall die and how many shall be born
Who shall live and who shall die
Who at the measure of days and who before
Who by fire and who by water
Who by the sword and who by wild beast”

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Memorial Jewellery – From Ashes to Diamonds?

After cremation, most people think of ashes being “sprinkled”, held in an urn or interred. Many companies are advertising different options in the form of “Memorial Jewellery”, and one has developed a method of creating diamonds that are purportedly “molecularly identical to naturally occurring diamonds” from cremated remains.

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What happens to CPP and OAS benefits after death?

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