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Til’ Death Do Us Part? The Impact of Marriage on Estate Planning

This Blog was written by: Alicia Mossington (Godin), Estate and Trust Consultant, Scotia Wealth Management My colleagues have written several recent articles on capacity. “Capacity” is an interesting area of law and the test for capacity differs radically depending on the subject and setting. Testamentary capacity or capacity to make a…

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Are Domestic Contracts Becoming More Popular?

When I explain to people whom I’m meeting for the first time that I’m a lawyer and that among my areas of practice I draft domestic contracts, I’m often met with a response to the effect of “You mean, like, a pre-nup?” I can confirm that a “pre-nup” is, in…

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Wills and Marriage: Should they go together like a horse and carriage?

This Blog was written by Emily Racine, Estate and Trust Consultant with Scotia Wealth Management Recently, the Ontario government announced changes to some important areas of estate law. One of these changes, which I would like to touch on, is a change to the rules which govern wills and marriages….

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When Are You Married?

Most know that you don’t have to be legally married to have a “spouse” for income tax purposes, although legal marriage will work. If you have been living with someone in a conjugal relationship for 12 months or more regardless of your sex at birth, you will be considered spouses…

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