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Limited Retainers, Lawyer Liability and Limitation Periods

The recent Court of Appeal (“ONCA”) decision of Meehan v. Good, 2017 ONCA 103 (“Meehan”), reminds lawyers that the duty of care owed to their clients is extensive, and may operate beyond a limited-scope retainer. In Meehan, the plaintiffs, Michael and Anne Meehan, brought a claim against their lawyer, John…

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Dismal Results for Dreadful Estate Trustee

A recent case of the Ontario Superior Court (Silva et. al v. Silva (Estate of)) demonstrates the wide remedies available to beneficiaries whose interests have been prejudiced by the misconduct of an estate trustee. Jose Lima Silva died without a will on June 24, 2015. He was survived by 5…

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Who Needs Tickets?

Who gets the Leaf tickets? This was the question the court had to determine in the recent case of Anspor Construction Ltd. v. Neuberger Estate (Trustee of)[1]. In this case, the court provided a good summary of the requirements to establish a bare trust and a purchase money resulting trust…

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Robots are Judging You

The legal test for testamentary capacity is well-established in Ontario. In making a determination of whether or not an individual had the capacity to make a will, the evidence of a certified capacity assessor is often given great deal of weight. However, scientific developments have led to a new type of assessor of a person’s…

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