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Derek A. de Gannes: Director, Domestic & International Tax of RSM Canada. RSM Canada is committed to the highest level of integrity, quality and professionalism and provides clients with solutions in the area of Audit, Tax and Transaction Services. Email:

TFSAs and the Non-resident

With mobility on the rise, it is expected that a person leaving Canada will have to visit the rules on tax-free savings accounts (TFSA) and Canadian tax residency.   Executors may have to consider the TFSA rules if a deceased’s will calls for the transfer of a TFSA account to a…

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Canada Pension Plan Survivor Benefits

It’s no surprise that when one spouse dies there may be a sharp decline in household income suggesting some time is spent planning for the change.  A recent article ( shed light on the CPP survivor benefit that is both interesting and worthy of note. A survivor for purposes of…

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Joint accounts – the good and the bad

Earlier this year, my father-in- law left us suddenly.  While my in-laws were careful about planning for this day there was still some Estate Administration Tax (EAT) to be paid on the transfer of assets between spouses.  Armed with that experience, my mother-in-law is determined pay the least amount of…

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55(2) and Pipeline Planning

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) was asked to comment on the application of subsection 55(2) of the Income Tax Act to a hypothetical pipeline plan implemented on or after the date of death.  Their answer was both comforting and not surprising. When engaged, subsection 55(2) has the effect of converting…

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Private Company Tax Proposals

October 2, 2017 saw the end of the 75 day consultation period offered by the Department of Finance.  The public response to the proposed rule changes was significant with the general public, industry bodies and professional advisors all weighing in on the measures.  So, what now? At a conference organized by…

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Transfer of corporate-owned life insurance

It is not uncommon to see corporate owned life insurance transferred to a shareholder particularly when the company is being sold. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) was asked to comment on a set of facts and their response was no surprise given the relatively new rules in this area of…

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Principal residence exemption and fire loss

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) was asked to comment on the availability of the principal residence exemption (PRE) when a previously occupied property is destroyed by fire and a decision is made to sell the property in a later year. The taxpayer purchased a house in 2010 which was ordinarily inhabited…

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Fair Tax Plan is Not Fair

When I was a child I would get together with kids in the neighborhood and we would play games like racing toy cars. Someone would call out the rules and the games would go for hours to the delight of our parents. On occasion one of the kids would do…

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Family trust and double tax

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) issued a technical interpretation on the tax treatment of trust income where there was a distribution from the trust to beneficiaries who weren’t entitled to the distribution in the first place. The trust was established for the benefit of children who were minors at the time of…

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Voluntary disclosures – changes are coming!

Last week I met a couple who came in to see me for help with missed tax filings.  They were both aware of the potential for tax penalties and related interest on overdue tax and contemplated “leaving sleeping dogs lie”.  When asked how well they sleep at night, their response…

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