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Yesterday I watched the US Open and Thought About My Dad

This original post was from a few years ago. It does seem like only yesterday because, while time has not stood still, sometimes our sentiments don’t change. The event and message is the same. It is a few years later and there is a new US golf champion. We still however miss those who are no longer around.

It was hard not to know that yesterday was Father’s Day. Signs, announcements and broadcasters made it very difficult not to acknowledge the day. Is it not odd that we need to be reminded by those organizations that typically want us to purchase something? Well maybe we do need to be reminded to spend a moment either with our fathers, if we still have one or to spend some time thinking about our fathers, for the rest of us. My father died New Year’s Eve 1998 and he died way too young from a ugly disease. Days do go by when I have not thought about him.The other day, I was out for lunch with a colleague and I bumped into a family friend from childhood who I had not seen for years. After briefly catching up, he was quick to remind me how close he was to my father and the impact he had made on his life. Years had passed since I had remembered the positive impact he had on others and on my friends who considered him a father figure as well. My father had an early death and there was much left undone and unsaid.

In my work with families dealing with their parents, I see those who may be flesh and blood but don’t like each other and who do not get along. In other families I am so touched by the care and respect that is shown and expressed. There is however a lot of grey in the middle. Perhaps the commercial reminder of Father’s Day can be the poke we need to reconnect and reaffirm with our own fathers so that we will not feel that there was much left undone or unsaid. Bumping into this old friend and being reminded of my father’s joie de vivre, brought a smile to my face.
Happy Father’s Day.

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  1. Susan Salek

    July 1, 2018 - 11:59 am

    It is a sad reality that we don’t recognize and appreciate how hard our parents have worked to make better life for us.

    The sacrifices that our parents have made, and the positive influences that they had in the lives and the lives of others is unknown.

    I have the photos of my parent in my room and in my office as a reminder of the sacrifices that they made and the legacies that they have left. To keep their memories alive and to follow their foot steps in making a difference in our life.

    After year of being in the sales of Home health care supplies, I decided to add a new carrier to my life, and that is teaching Senior Fitness.
    The senior fitness program that is offered through Western University has opened the door for me to reach out to more seniors and to promote a healthy life style.
    I celebrate Father’s Day and Mother’s Day every day that I teach to our parents.

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