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Shingeki no Kyojin: An Anime Unexpectedly About Family, Legacy and Succession

Last week, my colleague Yvonne Mazurak wrote a blog post about a recently-released television show, And Just Like That, discussing the estate planning issues highlighted by the events of the show. So, I thought I would provide a bit of a television recommendation show of my own…although my taste is…

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How many shall die and who by plague?

While the New Year starts in January, Jews around the world celebrate another New Year, the birth of the universe, 5781 years ago based on the Hebrew calendar. While it is the first of the High Holidays, for many who may not attend synagogue, it is recognized and celebrated with…

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Accommodating Beneficiaries of a Will With Differing Gender Identities

Accommodating Beneficiaries With Differing Gender Identities Our society is becoming increasingly attuned to accommodating the needs of people who have various gender identities, whether such people are transgender, queer, or do not identify as one specific gender. For example, Ontario announced a few years ago that its residents can use…

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Yesterday I watched the US Open and Thought About My Dad

This original post was from a few years ago. It does seem like only yesterday because, while time has not stood still, sometimes our sentiments don’t change. The event and message is the same. It is a few years later and there is a new US golf champion. We still…

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Holidays and Family Traditions

This past week we celebrated Passover and Easter.  Major holidays recognized with a statutory holiday attached, at least for the latter.  I wonder however about the observance of these holidays and whether this has waned over the years. For me and perhaps for many of you, these holy days have…

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Strengthening Caregiving in Challenging Times

In our current economic climate cutbacks for supportive care for seniors is seeing increased responsibilities being shifted onto family members and “informal caregivers”. The term “formal” care providers refers to persons who are financially remunerated to care for a person. This can include professionals such as doctors, nurses, social workers, support workers, case managers, speech language pathologists, physical therapists and occupational therapists.

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Family Holiday and Family Strife – Kissing Cousins?

Justin de Vries shares his Yuletide musings on family conflict and the inevitability of litigation.

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Does Love Make the World Go Around?

My colleague blogged previously on collaborative law as an approach to consider in resolving estate disputes. I think this is a perfect topic for Valentine’s Day.

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“Respect Your Elders”

“Respect Your Elders” was a phrase that I heard growing up and one I suspect many of you did as well. How can we make sure we are respecting their wishes?

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