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U.S. Estate Tax Debate Continues

As world attention appears to be increasingly focused on the economic news coming from the United States, and the various political debates in that country regarding deficit reduction and tax policy, I thought it would be interesting and timely to draw readers attention to a recent Reuters article that profiles a leader of the U.S. political movement to repeal estate taxes.

The article describes how Dick Patten, and his Washington-based lobbying group, the American Family Business Institute, have engaged in vigorous lobbying to have estate taxes repealed at both the state and the federal level in the United States.

For more information on issues pertaining to the U.S. estate tax, readers may wish to review previous blogs written by my colleague, Corina Weigl.

Given the current political atmosphere in the United States, it will be interesting to see how the estate tax debate is resolved, particularly in light of other economic and tax developments that may occur in the near future.


Laura West

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