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When an individual taxpayer transfers or loans directly or indirectly property to a corporation, certain provisions of the Income tax Act (“the Act’) may deem the transferor to have received annual interest income on the property at the prescribed rate as set out in the Regulations of the Act. The…

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Grandfathered Agreements

My most recent blogs have explored the possible use of life insurance to completely eliminate the capital gain on death (assuming that sufficient insurance was in place) provided certain stop-loss rules do not apply. Not all was lost because, “grandfathered” agreements could prevent the application of the stop-loss rules.

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A Nice Gift to Give to your Spouse… a Loan

The Canada Revenue Agency has announced the 2010 third quarter prescribed interest rate used to calculate taxable benefits for employees and shareholders for interest-free and low interest loans would be 1%. With this the lowest historical prescribed rate ever, it is an opportune time for taxpayers to reduce the tax bite through an income-splitting structure using loans.

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