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Whose Land Is It Anyways? Friends of Toronto Public Cemeteries v. Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries

In a recent decision that pitted a Toronto citizens’ group against cemetery operators, Justice Dunphy found that the cemeteries were publically owned, required public oversight, and were operating beyond the terms of the trust that govern the cemeteries. In 1826, a group sought to buy land to create a non-denominational…

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Locking-in Your Family’s Inheritance – a Matter of “Trust”?

Today’s guest blogger is Wendy Templeton. Wendy is a member of the Wills, Estates and Wealth Management Group at LLF Lawyers in Peterborough, Ontario.  She is a well-known author and lecturer with a background in taxation of trusts and estates, business succession, and wills, trusts and estates.  She has a…

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When Business Agreements Masquerade as Trusts

Trusts are tricky – they can arise in circumstances where none of the parties involved ever use the word “trust.” There is good reason for this; often the settlor of the trust and the trustee are laypeople who can describe the type of relationship they wish to create, but are…

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