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Getting Lost In The System

And I don’t mean figuratively, I mean literally.  I heard two stories this past week of two elderly individuals who are both quite compromised with dementia.  One lives in a retirement residence and the other lives in her own home with care support. In both instances, they had a fall…

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Alternatives to Long Term Care

With the reputation of Long Term Care Homes hitting a new low, it comes as no surprise that seniors want to grow older in their own homes. A few facts: The number of seniors increased by 4.2 million over the past 38 years. Over the next 22 years Canada will…

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Personal Support Workers (PSW)- an undervalued, underappreciated and a very tough job to boot.

But for many seniors, their  PSW becomes their best and closest support person. One of the major contributing factors to the  poor conditions typically found within Long Term Care has been the shortage of Personal Support Workers.  Simply not enough qualified hands to do the needed and necessary work of…

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Family = >Essential Visitors

This weekend I enjoyed  a wonderful homemade dinner at the home of some close friends  and it felt ‘normal’ – a life we enjoyed and took for granted before Covid. I am fortunate in so many ways and one was not living with the angst  of not being able to…

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Crisis in LTC: Worse Than We Imagined

On May 26, 2020 the most horrible report detailing conditions at several Long Term Care facilities written by the Canadian Armed Forces was released. The Army was asked to assist in the five LTCs in Ontario that had a very high death rate. They included: Orchard Villa (Pickering); Altamont (Scarborough); Eatonville…

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Can A Broken System Be Fixed?

I don’t know about you- but I am struggling with our new normal and the mounting deaths in Long Term Care.  As you have been reading, for the last several years we have had major challenges in our Long Term Care system.  I previously wrote a 3 – part article…

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Crisis in Long Term Care: Thinking About Tomorrow

My last 3 blogs have highlighted some of the challenges we are currently facing in our Long Term Care sector.  The bottom line is this: there are not enough residential placement beds to address the current and growing demand for those individuals whose care needs can no longer be met…

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What Does A Healthy Meal Cost?

A complimentary copy of the Saturday Star was delivered to my door so I had the pleasure of holding a newspaper in my hand while enjoying my morning coffee (note: we have gone ‘paperless’ and I am not a happy convert). The headlines grabbed my attention: ‘Nursing homes feed seniors…

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Until Death Do Us Part- or until we need provincially funded care in a LTC

Until Death Do Us Part- or until we need provincially funded care in a Long Term Care Facility. After 70 years of marriage Norman and Mae are told by our government that in order to get the care they need, they need to live separately.

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