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Is a Foster Child Entitled to Take Under an Intestacy?

In Estate of Sydney Monteith v. Monteith, the court declined to award a share of the Deceased’s estate to his foster sister. Sydney (the “Deceased”) died on March 16, 2022. He left no Will. He had no spouse or issue and was predeceased by both his adoptive parents. Pursuant to…

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Intestacy and Removing an Estate Trustee

In Letourneau v Summers, the court examined the factors required to remove an estate trustee when there is an intestacy. The Applicant was the 82-year-old mother of the Deceased. She was the sole beneficiary of the Deceased’s Estate.  The Respondent was the Deceased’s brother and the Applicant’s son. The Respondent’s appointment…

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Who is a “Spouse”?

A ‘Playboy’ Millionaire’s Legacy The estate litigation of dismembered multi-millionaire Gang Yuan has once again made headlines. Last Friday, the British Columbia Court of Appeal denied leave to appeal by one of five mothers to his children who sought to establish that she was a “spouse” to Mr. Yuan. Mr….

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How A Rumoured Las Vegas Wedding To A Russian Child Star Shook Up An Intestacy

The background to the unopposed motion was lurid: a prominent lawyer cut down before her time and a last-minute Las Vegas marriage to a former Russian child star. In Estate of Tanya Claudia Davies, 2022 ONSC 2009, the court stayed an application for a certificate of appointment of estate trustee…

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When Are You Married?

Most know that you don’t have to be legally married to have a “spouse” for income tax purposes, although legal marriage will work. If you have been living with someone in a conjugal relationship for 12 months or more regardless of your sex at birth, you will be considered spouses…

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Court Orders Minor’s Funds be Paid into Court

Court declined to pay minor’s funds to parent; ordered proceeds of sale paid into court.

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Is Priority Given to a Spouse/Common Law Partner to be an Executor in an Intestacy?

This Bog was written by; Sally Lee Is Priority Given to a Spouse/Common Law Partner to be an Executor in an Intestacy? No, but I can understand why this misconception exists. Subsection 29(1) of the Estates Act creates the confusion by naming the surviving spouse/common law partner before the next…

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A Deathly Reminder

The recent passing of Aretha Franklin on August 16 means the music industry has lost yet another icon. It also, however, serves a useful reminder – even those who appear to have all the financial success in the world, don’t necessarily ensure their financial affairs are in order. Shortly following…

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Which Comes First: Preferential Share or Mortgages?

The Succession Law Reform Act (“SLRA”) provides that if a married person dies intestate, the first $200,000 (called the “preferential share”) of the deceased’s net estate goes to the married spouse[i]. Any funds remaining after the payment of the preferential share is shared among the spouse and children. In Re Estate of Richard…

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