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New Arrival, New Will

Earlier this week, our group gathered to celebrate our colleague’s impending arrival of a new baby. It was a delightful occasion, with cake, presents, and well-wishes. Of course, conversation naturally turned to the preparations that our team member has made for her new addition. Parents-to-be typically spend a lot of…

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Cultivating More Than Just a Green Thumb: The Hermès Gardener’s Extraordinary Fortune?

Today’s Blog was written by Jessica Butler, Law Clerk at Fasken LLP. Nicolas Puech (“Nicolas”), the 80 year old fifth-generation descendant of Thierry Hermès, founder of renowned fashion house, Hermès, made headlines in December when he announced that he plans to bequeath at least half of his fortune to his…

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Inheritance and Tax

There is renewed discussion on whether Canada will become another jurisdiction where specific gift or estate taxes will be imposed on inheritances. There is speculation that the discussion will lead to something concrete as early as next week’s Federal Budget. In the meantime, there are situations where inheritances can come…

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‘Baby boomers under 75 set to inherit $750 B in next decade’- CIBC

I have a friend who inherited 1 million dollars from a distant uncle. Sounds like a healthy inter generational wealth transfer occurred. She has no children. She does not worry about whether she will be leaving an inheritance. Instead, she enjoyed a trip around the world and is keeping money aside for her golden years….

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