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Of Love, Resulting Trusts, Matrimonial Homes and Fenelon Falls

The gratuitous transfer of property from a parent to an adult, capable child may result in a resulting trust.

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Estates Administration Act Thwarts Dependant Support Claim

In MacDonald v. Estate of James Pouliot, 2017 ONSC 3629, the court considered a constructive trust and dependant support claim against an intestate estate. While the court granted a constructive trust, it dismissed the dependant support claim as the property at issue had already automatically vested in the beneficiary pursuant…

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The Beautiful And Damned (with apologies to F. Scott Fitzgerald)

The breakdown of a marriage or common law relationship can raise a host of complex legal issues both for the living and the dead. One issue that seems to crop up again and again is life insurance proceeds and who should benefit.

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