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Reflections …. And Resolutions

As the calendar flips into 2022, I am sure many of us will be thinking – where did 2021 go? Without an active social life to distract me, why are my own affairs not in order? And, of course, what are my New Year’s resolutions for 2022?

The end of the year is typically a time when people reflect – on family relationships, friend relationships, the 2021 resolutions that did or did not get achieved.  What we have come to learn is that the future is uncertain, and that planning is important… when I harken back to 2019, I would never have expected that we would still be living in a world with plexiglass barriers, face masks, and limits on the number of people in an elevator that have nothing to do with load capacity.

Despite all of this, however, what this past year has highlighted is that little things do make a big difference – the simple pleasure of greeting someone in person, seeing a smile live rather than on a computer screen, going out for lunch with a friend or colleague, receiving a “thank you” for having helped someone who is less fortunate, and knowing that our planning and advice during these difficult times may have lightened the burden that some of our clients and family have had to bear in the last year. I look forward to a 2022 in which resolutions are kept, friends and family can gather on a more regular basis, and we all get to see that live smile.

Happy New Year to all fellow bloggers and followers!  “See” you in 2022!!

About Maureen Berry
Maureen Berry is a partner in the Trusts, Wills, Estates and Charities group at Fasken. Maureen’s practice is focused on wills, estate planning, domestic and international trusts, private corporation taxation, and executive compensation. Maureen also advises charities and non-profit organizations. Working with Canadian and international families, firms, corporations and charitable organizations, she provides advice on all aspects of private client matters. She is a leading expert in the fields of tax law and estate planning. As an Adjunct Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, she teaches Advanced Estate Planning. Maureen has previously taught corporate tax and international tax at the University of Toronto and Western University, along with the Bar Admission course for up-and-coming lawyers.


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