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Correcting a Mistake in a Will – What did the Testator Intend

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Elizabeth Ann McLaughlin died at the ripe old age of 98.  She was predeceased by her husband.  Together they had six children, including Daniel.  Daniel, as estate trustee, sought to rectify what he characterized as a solicitor’s mistake in his mother’s secondary will. For many years prior to her death, Mrs. ...

Shedding the Tax Light on a Blind Trust

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

A blind trust is a trust in which a settlor (who would also be the contingent beneficiary) reserves the right to terminate the trust but agrees to relinquish all other control over the trust i.e. administered and managed by others without updates, advice, instruction, or account to the settlor. Whether ...

Is it a Will?

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

The answer to this question depends on (i) the legal requirements regarding the formalities for making a Will and, (ii) when those requirements are not met, whether the court with jurisdiction over the Will is able to follow the doctrine of “substantial compliance”. In Ontario, in order for a Will to ...