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Yesterday I watched the US Open and thought about my dad.

Yesterday was Father’s Day. Signs, announcements and broadcasters made it very difficult not to acknowledge the day. Is it not odd that we need to be reminded by those organizations that typically want us to purchase something? Well maybe we do need to be reminded to spend a moment either with our fathers, if we still have one or to spend some time thinking about our fathers, for the rest of us. My father has been dead for a long time now and days do go by when I have not thought about him.
However this weekend was spent celebrating a cousin’s birthday and as my dad was his favorite  uncle , we shared many happy memories.  This trip was exciting for so many reasons as it was the first time post Covid, I was able to spend time with some extended family and it was a weekend in Boston ( where the Open was played this year).  It provided a time to reflect and remember the good times we had, and to catch up in real time on what 65 feels like( for him anyway).

In my work with families dealing with their parents, I see those who may be flesh and blood but don’t like each other and who do not get along. In other families I am so touched by the care and respect that is shown and expressed. There is however a lot of grey in the middle. Perhaps the commercial reminder of Father’s Day can be the poke we need to reconnect and reaffirm with our own fathers so that we will not feel that there was much left undone or unsaid.

Spending time with extended family was wonderful. Remembering good times and memorable events was terrific even though the absence of those not with us, was deeply felt.

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