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Top 10 things to know about dealing with estate beneficiaries

Today’s Blog was written by: Holly Allardyce, LLB

I learned these from taking car trips:

1. Set expectations. If it is going to take an estimated 10 hours, or 18 months, to get to the final destination, it helps if everyone knows this upfront and is prepared. Reminders that this was discussed may be required along the way.

2. Answer questions.

3. Provide updates proactively, even if there is not much to say. It helps to prevent the feeling of being forgotten in the back seat, or elsewhere.

4. Share good news. Everyone likes to hear good news, especially if it means we are closer to the finish line. This also helps prevent the feeling of being forgotten.

5. Be polite, and respectful no matter the mood of your passengers

6. Take a “we’re all in this together” approach.

7. Keep your promises.

8. Acknowledge frustration. Do this even if you are not the source of the problem and have no control over it.

9. Use available technology to your advantage. It may make the road less bumpy.

10. Celebrate your arrival.

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