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Further Assessing Drake’s Estate Planning Needs

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a blog post titled “Assessing Drake’s Estate Planning Needs”. The post looked at rap sensation Drake’s assets vis-à-vis his intent for his son Adonis to be the sole beneficiary of his estate, and the various considerations that he ought to have in planning for…

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Shingeki no Kyojin: An Anime Unexpectedly About Family, Legacy and Succession

Last week, my colleague Yvonne Mazurak wrote a blog post about a recently-released television show, And Just Like That, discussing the estate planning issues highlighted by the events of the show. So, I thought I would provide a bit of a television recommendation show of my own…although my taste is…

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Downton Abbey and Britain’s Changing Attitudes towards Succession

The internationally acclaimed television series Downton Abbey introduced many people to Britain’s past inheritance laws. The practice of primogeniture is no longer British law but still remains an inheritance model for Britain’s major landowning families. A new survey conducted for Country Life last week, shows an emerging change in succession attitudes to relax the enforcement of the primogeniture model to transfer land and title. Only 16% of the major landowning families surveyed strictly implement the practice of primogeniture.

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