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Passing of Accounts when the Grantor is Presumed Capable

In Winkler v. Thompson, the court considered whether a niece who held a power of attorney for property for her uncle (the “Deceased”) but insisted that she never acted in a fiduciary capacity for the Deceased should have to pass her accounts. The Deceased was survived by his estranged spouse…

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Divisional Court Sets Aside Decision Ordering a Passing of Accounts

In Foisey v. Green, the Divisional Court allowed an appeal of the application judge’s decision that set aside a release signed by a beneficiary who was later deemed incapable of managing property. I previously wrote about the earlier  decision that was under appeal. The appellant, Ms. Green, was an estate…

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LCO Releases Report on Capacity, Decision-making and Guardianship Laws

Last week, the Law Commission of Ontario (“LCO”) released and presented to the provincial government, their final report reviewing Ontario’s statutory framework for legal capacity, decision-making and guardianship matters. The LCO focused on the relevant capacity provisions found in the Health Care Consent Act, the Substitute Decisions Act (“SDA”), and…

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Abatement: What to do if there are insufficient assets in the estate to follow the testators wishes; a cautionary tale

A review of abatement and how it can affect estate planning.

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