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You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends

Further to my fellow blogger’s April 4, 2021 read, I thought I would continue the discussion on the importance of appointing an attorney for property and my particular area of interest, care.  Have you ever wondered what would happen if you didn’t have a family member who could assume the role…

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Power of Attorney Disputes: Effective Capacity Assessments

I was honoured to moderate a panel today at the Advocates’ Society’s CPD today “Capable or Not? How to Effectively Litigate and Mediate a Power of Attorney Dispute” (which will be available for purchase online in a couple of months as a webcast archive at TAS’ website). Justices McEwen and…

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Difficult Conversations: With Our Children

All of the writers (and presumably the readers as well) know the importance of having their ‘important paper’ work completed. For me, most importantly this means completing Powers of Attorney for both Property and Personal care as well as Advanced Care Directives. For you, perhaps the ‘most importantly’ may be…

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November is ‘ get your stuff’ together!

My fellow bloggers and I write frequently about Powers of Attorney, however my concerns are often focused on the lack of planning when it comes to making Powers of Attorney for both Personal Care and Property. More specifically, although I do not have any statistical data, my subject matter experience…

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Determining Capacity. They Actually Have An App For That!

I had the pleasure of attending a very interesting presentation on ‘Legal Capacity Assessment Panel Discussion & Technology Demonstration’ that may very well change the face of estate litigation by addressing the question of whether the individual was capable at the time of signing legal documents. I am involved in…

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What Gets Your Spidey Sense Tingling?

If an older individual was brought to your law office by a non family member and they wanted to appoint the individual as POA for Property and Personal Care, would you be suspicious?  Or what about if the request was to either change a will or to make a will,…

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The ‘Sister Act’

As we are living longer, more and more of us will find ourselves alone and without family. And yes, it is possible that a financial institution as POA can be your best support.

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