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BILL C-62 – Delays the inclusion of mental illness from MAID eligibility

Everyone knows the tragic Shakespeare tale of how Juliet awakens from her “death” to discover that her love Romeo had taken his life, believing that Juliet had really died.  Juliet, in her own state of sorrow, stabs herself with a dagger and is joined forever with her love Romeo. This…

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Have you had your ‘Check Up From the Neck Up*’?

The events over the last few weeks highlight how fragile life is. Anyone of us could have been walking on that sidewalk on that fateful day; we just never know what life has in store for us. This blog isn’t about being prepared, which is a concept I endorse but…

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Let’s Talk About Mental Illness

Good mental health is important. A few weeks ago was Bell Canada’s ‘Let’s Talk Day’ which was about raising awareness and money for mental health improvement. This year, Bell Canada had 131,705,010 interactions from people like you and me either tweeting, calling, posting on Instagram, viewing a Facebook video or…

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Let’s Talk- About Mental Health

Yesterday was Bell Canada’s ‘Let’s Talk’ day which is in support of mental health awareness. Bell has opted to talk openly about mental illness with the hope of reducing stigma so that people can get the help they need. One in five Canadians will have or have had a mental…

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