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Estate Planning for Eco-Conscious Canadians: Arranging an Eco-Friendly Death

This Blog was written by Lara Besharat   Throughout the last year and a half, the pandemic, and the precarious nature of our collective health, has rested firmly at the forefront of everyone’s minds. This has led to a significant increase in estate planning. However, for many, there is still one…

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Love is in the Air. But be cautious

This Blog was written by Lara Besharat A romance scam, also commonly known as “catfishing”, is a fraudulent scheme, generally accomplished via social media or through an online dating platform, wherein a scammer feigns romantic interest in a target, develops a “relationship” with that person, and ultimately swindles them for money. Seniors…

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Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way: Virtual Witnessing and Undue Influence During COVID-19

This blog was written by Lara Besharat As the pandemic trudges on, jurisdictions are bowing to pressure, allowing for what was once a rigidly fixed process to be done virtually. In Canada, a will historically required the physical presence of two witnesses alongside the testator to be considered valid. However,…

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Revival Trusts: Dead on Arrival?

This blog was written by Lara Besharat Benjamin Franklin famously wrote that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” A hundred and seventy-eight years later, the Alcor Life Extension Foundation undertook to disprove this generally accepted inevitability. In 1967, James Bedford became the first person to be…

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You Better Think (Think)…About the Estate Planning Process

This blog was written by Lara Besharat In August 2018, renowned singer Aretha Franklin died of pancreatic cancer in her home in Detroit, leaving behind an illustrious musical legacy, a strong history of civil rights activism, four children, and an estimated $80-million-dollar fortune. One thing she didn’t leave behind, however,…

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Two Isn’t Always Better Than One: The Perils of Joint Accounts

This blog was written by Lara Besharat Earlier this month, a Toronto-based FinTech company launched a new feature for their app that aims to simplify the process of creating and maintaining a joint account. The app allows for joint accounts to be created and managed entirely via your mobile device,…

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