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Revisiting the “Rule of Convenience”

Todays blog has been co-written with Murray Braithwaite, Partner, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, Toronto There has been case law in the past two years where the court has used its discretion to vary the rate of interest on legacies that have not been paid within the “executor’s year” from 5%…

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Memorial Jewellery – From Ashes to Diamonds?

After cremation, most people think of ashes being “sprinkled”, held in an urn or interred. Many companies are advertising different options in the form of “Memorial Jewellery”, and one has developed a method of creating diamonds that are purportedly “molecularly identical to naturally occurring diamonds” from cremated remains.

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Wine – How Liquid is it Really?

In last months’ Canadian Lawyer Magazine, Warren Porter, owner of Iron Gate Private Wine Management, wrote about wine as a liquid asset. When a wine collector dies, teh collection can be very valuable, and if the collection is not specifically dealt with in the Will, the issue becomes: how does an estate trustee realize this value for the beneficiaries?

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