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Breaking Up is Hard to Do – Ceasing to be a Canadian Tax Resident may be Easier Said than Done

This blog has been written by Rahul Sharma, Partner, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, Toronto My blog posts so far this year have focused on the significant volume of new residents to Canada and the associated tax and legal considerations, particularly where new residents are entering the Canadian tax system with…

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Tax Implications and Considerations involving the Death of a Shareholder of a Private Corporation

Today’s blog was written by Pritika Deepak, Associate at Fasken LLP This is the last part of a three-part blog series which provides a broad overview of some of the tax implications to consider, with respect to certain assets held at death. Part I, which addresses RRSPs can be found…

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Can an estate claim a loss for tax purposes if the estate sells the property for less than what it was valued for at time of death? Hard to imagine such circumstances in this current real estate environment but in the unlikely event it does occur, what are the rules?…

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Tax Time Tips

I teamed up with my fellow blogger Derek de Gannes to share important information needed for this tax season. According to Statistics Canada, twenty – eight percent of Canadians are providing unpaid care to a family or friend. We know that the cost of caring is high, both emotionally and financially. We thought that it would be helpful to include some tips and information regarding what goods and services might be eligible for a medical tax exemption or a non refundable tax credit.

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