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Foundation Disbursement Quota Increase

  The 2021 Federal Budget announced the Government’s intentions to launch a consultation with charities about “potentially increasing the disbursement quota…beginning in 2022.”   Any increase of the disbursement quota (DQ) rate above the current 3.5% annual requirement will have significant implications for the charitable sector, foundations and donors.  Below is…

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Should Foundations Give More?

Charitable foundations are grappling with their response to COVID-19.  A Canadian initiative,, is advocating for increased granting through a time limited pledge in 2020.  Simply, the ask is for foundations to pledge to grant at least of five percent of their assets to registered charities in 2020.  That’s it….

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The Senate Speaks Charity

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of the Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector report to that was released on June 20th.  After almost 18 months of hearings and consideration, this once-in-a-generation study came up with 42 recommendation on topics ranging from volunteerism, social enterprise, regulatory system, and judicial…

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