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Endowment Variations

COVID-19 has hit the charitable sector hard, and arts organizations face particular challenges. A recent article in The Globe and Mail about the Banff Centre described closed facilities, lost fundraising, cancelled programs, layoffs, deficits, resignations, and protests. The article also mentioned a request to endowment donors for “permission” to use…

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Serving the Charitable Purpose

I want to float a trial balloon about charitable trusts. A clause stipulating that a trust should be limited to using income for charitable purposes, meaning that capital is untouchable, should be viewed as an administrative clause and not part of the charitable objects. The charitable purposes of the trust…

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Understanding the Cy-Près Doctrine

The cy-près doctrine sounds formidable. However, it is an invaluable tool to ensure that the charitable intent of a testator is respected despite the changing sands of time.

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