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Can an estate claim a loss for tax purposes if the estate sells the property for less than what it was valued for at time of death? Hard to imagine such circumstances in this current real estate environment but in the unlikely event it does occur, what are the rules?…

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Estate Planning for the Family Cottage

Much has been written in this blog space and many others on this topic. Several times a year (in some years more often than others), we are asked in our practice about to advise on succession or estate planning issues for the family cottage. I was recently alerted to a…

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Yet Another Family Cottage Feud

In summertime cottages are the delight of everyone. But that dreamy cottage can turn into an estate litigation nightmare, as one family discovered in Donaldson v. Braybrook, 2020 ONCA 66. Margaret had four children: Wendy, Susan, Thomas and Barry. She allowed them all generous access to her cottage. In fact,…

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Feelings not enough in cottage fight

You have an emotional connection to your late grandfather’s cottage. Your mother and your grandfather’s estate trustees hate each other. You don’t think that they will treat you fairly if you want to buy the cottage. Is this sufficient reason to remove the estate trustees? The Ontario Superior Court of…

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Welcome to All About Estates and our inaugural blog!!

Welcome to All About Estates and our inaugural blogg!! It is a diverse group of professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. All About Estates aims to provide you with a smorgasbord of ideas, trends, comments, and tidbits on interesting and diverse topics. Each weekday a different blogger from a different organization will write an entry.

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