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Important Conversations

Good morning,  as readers may know I consult directly to Financial Institutions, advisors and their clients as well as providing direct ‘Wellness Consultations’ with older adults and their families. I was recently interviewed in Matters BeyondWealth, by Leanne Kaufman CEO of Royal Trust. A great podcast series that I encourage…

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Higher Costs for Aging Well= Nothing New

On March 25 2021, the Canadian Medical Association published their final report ‘Canada’s elder care crisis’.  In this report they quantify the demand for care, on our healthy system, from a home care and long- term care perspective.  This refers to the demands on the public sector and those on…

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Family Conversations and Broken Telephone

Communication is often the key to a successful relationship. This holds true for discussions held between parents and their adult children but when it comes to ‘having the talk’ about aging and caring, there seems to be a broken telephone…..

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Where do our taxes go?

Do you know what the average cost of care is in Ontario for a hospital stay? How about the cost of care to remain at home with support services provided by the public sector? The figures may surprize you!

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The Emotional Cost of Caregiving

Caregiving: While many embark on this journey unwillingly, some do seek it out. For many, the role is rewarding and fulfilling. For others, the challenge of assuming yet another responsibility becomes overwhelming. Caregiver burnout is the greatest risk factor.

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