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No good deed goes unpunished by the CRA

Part I – Personal Attribution This blog has been written by Pritika Deepak /Associate at Fasken LLP Gifting property or making loans to family members is a common way for individuals to transfer and share their wealth with their loved ones. There are, however, several rules in the Income Tax…

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Further Assessing Drake’s Estate Planning Needs

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a blog post titled “Assessing Drake’s Estate Planning Needs”. The post looked at rap sensation Drake’s assets vis-à-vis his intent for his son Adonis to be the sole beneficiary of his estate, and the various considerations that he ought to have in planning for…

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Can an estate claim a loss for tax purposes if the estate sells the property for less than what it was valued for at time of death? Hard to imagine such circumstances in this current real estate environment but in the unlikely event it does occur, what are the rules?…

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If a taxpayer owns shares of a corporation and passes away, he or she is deemed to have disposed of their shareholding at fair market value (“FMV”) unless a tax-free rollover is applied (e.g., rollover to a surviving spouse). The disposition of shares may cause a tax liability. In the…

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