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September is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

September 21 was World Alzheimer’s Day.

The Public Health Agency of Canada notes that more than 402,000 seniors (65 years and older) are living with dementia and this a number that will continue to grow.

Dementia is the plague of the 21st century and we don’t yet have a cure. It will impact all of us and countries around the world are developing Dementia strategies to address this growing health crisis. Canada’s national strategy, Bill C-233 is still in its infancy.

Other important initiatives include the establishment of the Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation located at Baycrest to address areas of research as well as improvements for the individual with the disease and their caregivers. Themes included aging in place, caregiver support, care coordination and navigation and cognitive health. We are so fortunate to have this world leader as our own and the projects that they are working on, are simply incredible.

The Alzheimer’s Society shares 5 ways you can make a difference this month:
1. Learn more about the disease: What are the risks, what prevention is available and how to support those living with the disease
2. Spread the Word: Talk about it. Become a Champion for Dementia
3. Host or attend a Coffee Break: A ‘Coffee Break’ is the Alzheimer’s Society Nationwide annual fundraiser. Give a donation and get a cup of coffee!
4. Make a donation
5. Leave a gift in your will through the Alzheimer’s Society Legacy Giving program.

Please try not to forget: this is so important that the Alzheimer’s Awareness campaign will continue all month.

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