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Preparing for all of life’s transitions with equal fervour

Last month, the Globe and Mail published an article titled: “What to expect when you’re expecting (to grow old).” This article contrasts the saturation of information available to expectant parents with the lack of information that exists to prepare people for the changes brought about by aging. Why are we so afraid to equip ourselves with the tools to make ALL life transitions as smooth as possible?

In working with older adult clients and their families, I have noticed that families are often caught unaware when the health status of a family member changes & the family is tasked with overseeing massive changes in their relative’s living, financial and/or social situation. As Courtney Spelliscy, the author of this article, observes:  “I’ve witnessed the bumpy roads faced by patients and families when big changes happen and they are simply not ready.”

If we are lucky, we get to live long, happy & healthy lives. Even if we do get there, there’s a chance that as we age, we’ll need to make changes to those lives to keep them happy and healthy. Why not start informing adults early on in their adult lives about the preparation required to make the comfortable transition to older adulthood. I can only imagine how much money, stress, and ultimately lives this would save. As author Spelliscy says: “Bottom line: We ought to anticipate needs of aging in the same way that we prepare for a new baby. So don’t wait. Next time you sit down with your family or close friends talk to them about how you see your life unfolding as you age.” Spelliscy lists five things she would share with her senior patients if they came to see her before they were in crisis. Those things are listed here.

Written by: Jessica Rochman Fowler

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