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My Final Blog

This will be my last blog for ‘All About Estates’ as I have made the decision to return to my home province of British Columbia and I will be moving from Toronto to Vancouver in August.

I have very much enjoyed being part of this blog – I think that it is an excellent source of information for those engaged directly or peripherally in the estates field. Although each of the bloggers have different specialities, they all present interesting, engaged and informed viewpoints on a daily basis.

I also think that the readers of this blog have been fantastic and I wish to thank all of you who have contributed ideas for blog topics, given constructive feedback or simply wanted to chat about the issues raised in that day’s blog.

Although I will no longer be contributing to this blog, I will continue to be a loyal subscriber and will cheer my fellow bloggers on as they continue to provide excellent information to the blog’s readership.

I hope to stay in touch with both readers and bloggers so that our conversations can continue.


Laura West

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