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May I help you…with that resolution?

How many resolutions did you make this year? One? Three? Five? Or are you one of the super ambitious (not to mention optimistic) types, having made 10 or more? While getting in shape and eating better are the perennial winners of the “most popular resolution” award, getting organized, procrastinating less and lowering stress levels/worrying less generally make the top 10. While this blog may not be able to help you with your health and fitness goals (other than to say “you can do it!”), we can perhaps help you put a dent in a few others on your list.

It’s all too easy to procrastinate when it comes to preparing a Will and powers of attorney. Unless you’ve been diagnosed with a terminal illness, the sense of urgency many people need to feel to start, well, pretty much anything, may not be present. Moreover, it can be difficult to see how a Will helps you nowanother key motivator for taking action. 

But this is a brand new year and you’re not looking for excuses.  Bottom line:  you know that for your own peace of mind and the future security of your loved ones you need to stop procrastinating and prepare that Will and powers of attorney;  i.e. you need to just do it.  So, why not grab this low-hanging resolution fruit and kick-start your way to a more organized, less stressful year?

The attached Personal Planner and Booklet have been designed to help you on your way.  They provide an overview of the five key estate planning steps and a workbook to help you prepare for a meeting with an estate planning expert.  And, if you belong to the other 50% (the half of the population that has prepared a Will) please take this opportunity to review your plan to ensure it continues to reflect your personal and financial situation and your wishes.

Personal Will & Estate Planning Guide

Personal Will & Estate Planning workbook

All the best for an organized and stress-free (okay, less stressful) 2016!

Thanks for reading.


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